Transcontinental Places

Do you know your continents?

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Which city is the only transcontinental capital city in the world?

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Which country is NOT a transcontinental country?

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Which mountain range is transcontinental?

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Which of these countries is located in both North & South America?

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Which Indonesian island or island group is not part of Asia?

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Which of these is NOT a contiguous transcontinental country?

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The United Kingdom is located in or has overseas territories in how many continents?

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Overseas countries & territories associated with the EU pre & post-Brexit?

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Which of these countries do NOT have overseas territory in North America?

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Which of these countries do NOT maintain territorial claims in Antarctica? (There are 7 countries with such claims.)

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Know thy Continents!

While Eurasia includes most contiguous transcontinental places, some countries are non-contiguously transcontinental. For simplicity, we’re going to exclude the Antarctic Treaty in this quiz. Let’s see what you know!