Outdated Trends

Naturally, this page will need to be updated again and again. But why should you care about what’s trending in online design? To be blunt, not following the trends make you look like an amateur. If you look unprofessional online, your website visitors will question where else your standards and your judgment are lacking, and rightfully so.

1. Glass Buttons

Let’s start with an obvious trend that is outdated by a decade. Yes, not only will it make you look outdated, but the mold accumulated by now is sure to pose a serious health risk. Don’t let the shine fool you – we’re talking about glass buttons. There is more than one reason. Not only is the “look” outdated, but buttons are no longer added as background images, sprites or not. Today, buttons and their hover effects are coded. Much faster and cleaner. Not only will your visitors be happier, but Google will too, and we all want to appease the Old Mightly Google.

I think PayPal has an update for you, but did you know, you can replace their button altogether. And for cloud’s sake, credit cards? What else do you have to impress us with? Flat screen TV?

2. Click Here

We do no longer click here for a link. (Wait, you clicked, didn’t you?) It’s waaay outdated. Be creative for goodness sake and add the link to the content. We’ll still know that it’s a link we can click on, really! If you don’t like it, go back to the home page and start over. (See what I did there?)

3. URLs

While we’re on the topic of links, we do not display full-length URLs anymore. We do not need to type https://www.mangospy.com into the browser search bar, nor www.mangospy.com, even if we’re entering a website URL directly. If you need to display a website address, Mango.com will do! See, isn’t that clean and nice! Minimalism rocks!

4. Social Media Icons in Print

What purpose do those social media icons serve printed on your van? We can’t click on them. They are not QR codes. Are we supposed to be impressed that you have a Facebook account?

5. QR Codes

Admittedly, I’m kind of sad it didn’t work out. It was a good idea perhaps, and I’m sure it still fills its purpose in Japanese car manufacturing where it started. There were even some fancier versions developed with bells, whistles, and wow-effects. Wow-effects as we know, are short-lived.

More to come…

If you have suggestions, please comment below.