Ask anyone if they consider themselves a kind person, and the answer is most likely “Yes!” Yet, the world is a very cruel place. But oh, of course – a lot of people think they’re kind, but they’re really not. Are you one of them? How do you know? Do you know because you are you? But isn’t that how we all reason?

One of the mental roadblocks which keeps kindness a shady mission is our tendency to think that it can be undeserved, but who are we to judge? Do we really have the time to consider a person’s full qualifications as a beneficiary of kindness? Of course not, and it doesn’t really matter. It’s not our duty to humble anyone with dismissive or derogatory actions. We do not have the insight, and even if we did, this is not how we correct other human beings.

How do we correct other people, if we so feel entitled? WITH KINDNESS!

I am the Mango Spy, and I approve of this message.