April 4, 2020

Eurovision Name that Song

What Eurovision tune is this?

1. On a stage in Luxemburg, this came 5th place.

Italy 1984, Alice & Franco Battiato, “I treni di Tozeur”
Cyprus 1983, Stavros & Constantina, “I agapi akoma zi”
Portugal 1985, Adelaide, “Penso em ti, eu sei”
France 1989, Nathalie Pâque, “J’ai volé la vie”

2. A first win for this country after many years of participation

Ukraine 2004, Ruslana, “Wild Dances”
Estonia 2002, Sahlene, “Runaway”
Finland 2006, Lordi, “Hard Rock Hallelujah”
Latvia 2005, Walters & Kazha, “The War Is Not Over”

3. Became a hit for a second time the year after as an instrumental version by Paul Mauriat

Luxembourg 1967, Vicky, “L’amour Est Bleu”
Switzerland 1957, Lys Assia, “L’enfant que j’étais”
Monaco 1960, François Deguelt, “Ce soir-là”
France 1966, Dominique Walter, “Chez nous”

4. The embodyment of Eurovision

Switzerland 2009, Lovebugs, “The Highest Heights”
Ukraine 2007, Verka Serduchka, “Dancing Lasha Tumbai”
Germany 2011, Lena, “Taken by a Stranger”
Hungary 2012, Compact Disco, “Sound of Our Hearts”

5. This singer previously won the 1982 Yamaha World Song Festival”

Luxembourg 1986, Sherisse Laurence, “L’amour de ma vie”
Switzerland 1988, Eurovision Song Contest 1988, Céline Dion, “Ne Partez Pas Sans Moi”
Belgium 1985, Linda Lepomme, “Laat me nu gaan”
France 1984, Annick Thoumazeau, “Autant d’amoureux que d’étoiles”

6. This singer was born to Moroccan Berber immigrant parents

San Marino 2008, Miodio, “Complice”
Estonia 2014, Tanja, “Amazing”
Sweden 2012, Loreen, “Euphoria”
Israel 2013, Moran Mazor, “Rak Bishvilo”

7. This group failed to qualify for Eurovision the year before

Sweden 1974, ABBA, “Waterloo”
Netherlands 1975, Teach-In, “Ding-a-dong”
Austria 1977, Schmetterlinge, “Boom Boom Boomerang”
Luxembourg 1978, Baccara, “Parlez-vous français?”

8. Released 53 singles during 42 years as artist

Greece 1979, Elpida, “Sokrati”
Netherlands 1980, Maggie MacNeal, “Amsterdam”
Austria 1988, Wilfried, “Lisa Mona Lisa”
Germany 1981, Lena Valaitis, “Johnny Blue”

9. The most covered Eurovision song in history

United Kingdom 1964, Matt Monro, “I Love the Little Things”
Spain 1961, Conchita Bautista, “Estando contigo”
France 1966, Dominique Walter, “Chez nous”
Italy 1958, Domenico Modugno, “Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu” (Volare)

10. This song became the artist’s best selling hit in their home country

Israel 1995, Liora, “Amen”
United Kingdom 1997, Katrina and The Waves, “Love Shine a Light”
Malta 1995, Mike Spiteri, “Keep Me In Mind”
Ireland 1996, Eimear Quinn, “The Voice”