Text Alignment

Text Alignment

Once you get into design, you’ll discover there are rules, rules, rules! Once you understand the rules, you’ll become a disciple forever and agonize over every amateur PowerPoint gone “designy”. Oh, those fuzzy drop shadows, the bevel & emboss, the Papyrus, the inappropriate center alignment!!! Yes, how about that text? Yep, text alignment is not Read more about Text Alignment[…]

HTML Gradients

Simple gradients can serve many nifty functions in simple html design. Greater artistic freedom in coding can replace the need for image files while providing more options for responsiveness within the design and keeping a crisp resolution. These are only shortcut examples of different gradients. For more information please visit css-tricks.com or developer.mozilla.org. This div Read more about HTML Gradients[…]

Mango DNA

As The Mango Spy I did my best spitting juice into that tiny cup before sending in the mail, but that’s some high quality DNA right there. It turns out I have DNA from Mango Species all over the world, except from Siberia – what Mango wants to grow there?  Mangifera Indica 72%  Mango Solitudinem Read more about Mango DNA[…]


Ask anyone if they consider themselves a kind person, and the answer is most likely “Yes!” Yet, the world is a very cruel place. But oh, of course – a lot of people think they’re kind, but they’re really not. Are you one of them? How do you know? Do you know because you are Read more about Kindness[…]